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I would give Lake Hart a 2.5 out of 5. They definitely know their stuff and I truly believe they can turn a company around. If you have the money and time go with them. The difficulty I experienced is they did not follow their process of "we will build you a car and hand you the keys." It was specifically mentioned they would not give me a car in pieces to put together. This and them saying if we cannot get it done in 2 weeks we will come back until it is done is what convinced me to sign a $28,000 contract for two weeks of work. I should have adjusted the contract for no time period. They would stay as long as it would take for the $28,000. The adviser came in and did very little back ground work talking with me. I went so far as to say I feel we need to talk more. He said this he had enough information and knew what to do. He did come up with a new order entry process however there was quick "do this" training and incomplete instructions. It was given to us in pieces as he came up with ideas, implemented for us to test and additions/changes were given to us when issues or needs arouse. We spent many hours fixing the process that was supposed to work from the start. I understand nothing is perfect however there were many issues that could have been addressed and fixed if he would have tested the process first and spoke with me more about our needs.

We had a tough time with him abruptly interpreting us telling us he needed something. I told him he needed to come to me for all requests and not to interrupt the employees. My request was not honored. In our lack of communication he missed me giving him specific instructions which would have saved him hours of work.

Final conclusion is they do know what they are doing. I would suggest not to go week by week but the contract price is until the job is done. Stand firm on not implementing anything until they show they having written training in place and the process will work for your needs.

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7 years
Torrey Johnson