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This company engages in extreme nepotism in regardes to management. In which an environment is created where employees are ruled by fear and decisions are politically and emotionally driven. This fact affects the person served in a negative manner. Issues go unresolved, pertant matters ( in correlation with client safety)are left up to management to figure out how they can not look bad first, then is this something to hide from parents or guardians? and lastly can staff bear the burden of doing without proper training, staffing or materials. Staff is constantly out of ratio, which puts clients in danger rather it be fire/tornado or potentially harmful situations due to behaviors from person served. In the population this company serves safety, correct training and proper materials are paramount in producing a quality of life for clients. It's become apparent that the bottom line is more important than the safety and security of clients. Parents, consumers and care coordinators be aware and very skeptical when advocating for sevices. Everything that glitters isn't gold!

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