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Where to start with this utter sham of a "company".
There seems to be no real consensus on how a company 'should' function. From bad management to rude employees, to abysmal hygiene and bad systems.

I'll start with what I believe to be their biggest flaw. Management and procedure. For the first half of my employment, I had the best manager I've ever experienced at a company. Polite, funny, serious when needed to be, amazing with guidance and getting things done and most importantly understanding. However, like all great things in this world, that was all snuffed out when it was announced that his 6-month contract (Yes they only deal in 6-month contracts, nobody is permanent) would not be renewed, in order to make way for a "temp project manager" who would be implementing new processes and systems (which I must say was being done, albeit very slowly), and not really manage the now manager-less team. This decision bad and didn't make sense, and things only get worse.

As for the Head Office itself. There was no air conditioning (hot in summer, freezing in winter), a constant draft sweeping through the building. Ceilings were leaking dangerously close to computer systems when it rained, now this is England. It rains 90% of the time.... the office kitchen doubles as an office canteen (basically just tables and chairs) and it is painfully obvious that it can't accommodate the number of employees working there. The actual in-room lighting is horrible, and the toilets, oh dear Lord, the toilets are absolutely disgusting most of the time.

The computer systems were not where they should have been for the duration of my employment, and as I still have friends working there, I can say they still are not. They are always freezing, programs are on the basic free versions, missing crucial functions which would allow waste and excess time to be cut down greatly.

If I could name names, it would be a very long list. So I will just say this. AVOID

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