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I first got to go to Orangetheory as a special preview for bloggers. It was a very tough workout and I was barely able to walk afterwards!

I realized that I had pushed myself a bit too hard, but this was the place that I needed to workout! Since June I've been going 3 times a week and I've noticed some major changes! While the scale isn't showing as much progress as I'd like, I've lost a ton of inches and overall I'm feeling so much better.

I love how clean and organized everything is inside the studio. And all of the employees are super helpful and nice. They make a point to get to know who you are so that you will be greeted by name at the door.

I love group fitness classes and used to be a SoulCycle devotee. But there wasn't the same support of teamwork feeling that I find at Orangetheory. I see the same people at class most of the time and we are all cheering each other on.

I know that I'll be going to Orangetheory for a very long time!

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8 years
Jen L.