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My roommate setup services with them when we moved in. A couple days ago, our service gets shut off. I call to figure out why only to find out they claim my roommate never did. I'd be willing to believe that if I hadn't tried to set up service myself when we moved in not realizing she already had, and the girl on the phone told me I already had service at that address. Okay. I don't know how it got bungled, but we NEVER received any notification of our heat being shut off. After setting up a new account (AGAIN) under MY name, only AFTER does the woman on the phone decide to tell me it will probably be a WEEK until we have service. Not only that, but it's in the teens this week and as I said, WE NEVER RECEIVED NOTIFICATION IT WAS BEING SHUT OFF. I had no knowledge that we did "not have an account" and that we were "using heat we weren't paying for" because I was laboring under the impression we had one. I impressed this upon the agent who was trying her hardest to not be very helpful. Really wish I could remember her name. She told me I had to fax in two forms of ID (mind you I had no access to a fax until the next day and they were closing in 15 min, and FAX? No email?? This is 2014 you are purposely making it difficult for people to use your services) and I had to wait two days JUST to get a call back to get it turned back on.

Faxed my two forms of ID the next day, called again to verify the number et al, and the guy I spoke to then (was actually very nice and helpful, thanks Irwin) informed me that the agent I spoke to prior neglected to tell me a birth certificate was NOT a valid form on its own, and ontop of that it has to be the original birth certificate? You know how rare it is for someone to actually have a copy of that? I have two, both are current reissuses. So thanks, agent from the other day, for intentionally messing up my chances of getting my heat turned on sooner.

I called today to hopefully expedite this process and make sure my faxed information was received, only to find out the department with which I need to speak CONVENIENTLY does not have a phone number? Wow thanks, make yourself as unavailable as possible. Meanwhile I probably won't have heat until next week...


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8 years
Glenna F.