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I probably stay in hotel rooms between 30 and 40 nights a year, so I think that I know what to expect from a hotel experience.

The Radnor Hotel is not one that I enjoyed very much at all.

This is probably a great wedding reception hotel, but that is about it. Which was the majority of my problem with the hotel stay. Forget that the rooms are "just okay" and that the bathrooms are tiny and not well appointed. Forgetting that the room service was fast but boring and tasteless. The real problem with this hotel is that it is a wedding reception hotel! The guest are there for one reason, to party at a wedding, and then when the wedding is over the guests make all sorts of noise at all hours of the evening, up and down the halls, slamming doors and talking and generally keeping the regular guests awake from midnight until 2am.

It wasn't like I could even call the front desk and complain, because it was a recurring stream of people doing this every ten minutes when they'd leave the reception! They would get of the elevator, in large groups, talking loudly in the halls saying their good nights, and then slam their doors closed. Five minutes later it would be another group of partiers doing the same thing.

These were basically people that do not stay in hotels very often and therefore were not appreciative that there may have been other people in the hotel that were NOT at their party and MAY have been trying to sleep. And it wasn't because I had a room near the elevator, because I didn't, it is just that the hallways are VERY noisy at The Radnor Hotel and the doors all slam shut!

My daughter goes to VFMA and from now on when we go to visit her at school, we'll be staying someplace else. Sorry. And this was my second stay at The Radnor Hotel... I should have known better.

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8 years
Jim C.