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This company is a mess. If you want to be treated as a slave sighn up! If you want to be paid less than minimum wage sighn up! The vast majority of the staff employed by RD do not speak English and there right to work in the uk is highly suspect.

the staff are treated like cattle being asked to do ridiculous hours miles from there homes and never being told what time they Finnish pr allowed home.
the company takes money from our wage for the travle costs and also removes money for brakes dispute the fact that a brake is a rarity in its sell and we constantly work and are forced to work for free for half an hour to an hour. After they have taken out the costs of travle and brakes from our minimum wage we are left with less than minimum and also have to endure miles of driveing with a driver eather non English or smoking to the point that you cant see in the car.
no staff members are paid there Holliday pay with the exception of the managers who act like a facist dictatorship never thinking of how the staff feel.

i am extremely happy i have found a new job.
this is the worst company to happen to humanity.

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