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Being a vegetarian, I should have no place in an eatery with offerings as this place has. Still, my Chennington wanted to try it, goes:

The vibe was good with very masculine styling: dark tones, wood, & industrial style lighting. Clearly it was a younger crowd with most patrons in their 20s during this visit.

Service was quick and tight, and the short line moved quickly. Pricing was up there and moderate, for sure. Our meal topped out at $30 for the two of us.

Now, the food...meh. Quite unmemorable. We got the vegetarian option, which was looking good...too bad the taste didn't match up with its spiffy appearance. Bland, devoid of any seasoning at all, trying to be something different. I was a super thin sliver of portobello mushroom, one slice. Some flavorless, gooey cheese was added, and the whole mess was breaded in unseasoned breadcrumbs. What came to us was a croquette-like puck that was hollow after the cheese came gushing out after the first bite. I guess the beef must be the draw here.

The fries were just fries. We got a plain and one with cheese sauce. Nothing exciting.

The caramel shake was good and rich.

Basically, if you're curious and have 30 to blow on the above, go for it. You won't see us there, though. Too much hype that the joint didn't live up to.

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8 years
Thomas K.