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If you want to work for them let me tell you how they behave:
Office Manager Patti: RUDE. Even a yes or no comes out like "fk you" she looked at my tattoos as if I had HIV.
Jane Stone: Her lastname says it all. She had no heart and no feelings. Don't look to her for sympathy. She has none.
Head legal asst, Kristian: conniving. She's looking to take the place of Patti and kisses her ass daily. Anyone who has potential should be aware because she will eat you alive. I think she may have too...when you see her you will understand why.
Erin Shanley-Snob. I have no idea why but she feels like she's entitled to be this way.
Erin Holmes-probably the best attorney they have. She's awesome and I have a lot of respect for her. But she's probably on her way to being a lot like them...sad.
Swanson-He likes to pretend he's not paying attention but he is. He didn't remember my name after 3 mths. Snob.
James Loughlin--oh, that smile. Charming. But His breath stinks and he flirts with everyone including Erin Shanley. He asks her to lunch often. DUH. so obvious what's going on.
Dan Price--wanna be snob. He just goes along because he wants his job. He's actually nice but cant show it because everyone is watching. Shelly---NOTHING BUT NICE. The rest---I cant tell you because I never really saw them. If they want to keep their jobs then they act like the rest.

FIRST PLACE IN 20 plus years I can honestly say I felt like a MEXICAN. they rolled their eyes at me, ignored me, and eventually listened to lies when they let me go. I'm glad. I stayed only because I wanted a pay check. WRONG reason to stay.

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8 years
Patricia Ramirez