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My attorney Susan B Collins lied to me again and again about the cost of my divorce. First she told me it would be about 16 thousand dollars. Then it was 20 - 25 thousand dollars. Then her fee reached 30 thousand dollars. Then she described the cost of the divorce as a 'Pretty Penny'. She could never tell me a figure for the divorce.
When her fees hit 30 thousand dollars she refused to make reasonable offers that I wanted to make to end the divorce. I presented my financial information 3 times to her. I incurred 6 thousand dollars of expenses seeing a psychologist which was her idea. Then Susan and my wifes attorney Mike Kelly of Perry NY ran up another 50 Thousand dollars in fees asking motions cross motions answers to motions etc. All of their Questions were about our financial status and they were previously provided with all of the information they were asking about.
Eventually the attorney fees reached 100,000 Dollars. Practically nothing had been done for that outrageous amount of money. I then fired Susan B Collins and settled my case the next day in court representing myself.
I have a good case for a malpractice lawsuit against Susan B Collins.
However I cant find an attorney locally to sue her because all the lawyers stick together to exploit their lucrative racket!

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7 years
David S Spoyer