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I was in need of a new rim color desperately, and had seen an ad for technohandymanservices on Facebook. I had to click and find out if they were real or not. I was very skeptical at the price of 150.00 for all four rims but i took the chance and got them painted matte (or flat) black. It turned out stunning!!! I was very surprised at the result and it still looks like the first day i got them 4 months later. The only downside to it was that they recommended for my rims to not come in contact with water or go through the car wash for 7 days after the painting. It had rained all week but they are still holding up fine!!! But im sure it would last close to 10 years if it had a whole week to cure up perfectly. They still told me it should still last a few years minimum! Which is very nice for 150!!

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7 years
Aaron Grandbranch