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I always stop by the salty paws with my Bichon puppy and this was his second time grooming here, I made the reservation and confirmed the price was like the first time as a lower rate for just a trim and basics. When paying, the girl in front told me they are charging me 15 dollars more and I ended up paying it. What I don't understand is May did not do anything different than the first time, and since I did asked for a basic trim LIKE the first time on phone and in person, they should not have charged me the amount. Another thing is that she left the hair around eyes long and hanging, SHAVED the area from the eye down to the nose so it has no hair, leaving hair on the side of the nose and mouth long, and that made he looked hideous like an elderly Monkey. It sounded funny but it's nothing close to it. I ended up trimming his face without any grooming experience to make it look more presentable just now.

If I am paying the full price they should offer the Bichon cut standard. Any professional groomer should know NOT to SHAVE that nose area and shape a Bichon's face like this.

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8 years
Caesar B.