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I checked the tracking of my package, it stated that it was delivered and that I signed for it. When I called they stated that their system read that I received, I explained that I walked around my home and no package. They reiterated that the system said it was delivered and it was confirmed. I explained over and over that the package was here. Finally after practically begging, they stated they would call the driver and look into it. After a couple of hours I called back and o was informed they couldn't get a hold of the driver. Finally I was told that they would track it down and call me back. Finally I received the package and no return call. Anyway it was the most unprofessional service I had ever received. The customer service representatives use bad grammar, unprofessional and rude. It's like they went to a prison and outsourced the work. Hope is the one I spoke, instead of helping me, they wanted to be right. Read the reviews before you use, they are not good. It's just a generic delivery company. It's almost like someone started a business in their garage and made their family work for them.

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