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I gave them two stars only because the dental hygienist was super nice and when I let her know I hated the dentist and scared she tried to make me very comfortable.

The problem I have is the way they operate. I only made it in as far as a "routine cleaning" I have a few fillings that needed to be replaced and a deep cleaning that was scheduled.

However, not only did they make me book my next appointment 3 weeks out so they could contact my insurance company they then canceled my appointment 3 days before. I have Blue Cross/Blue Shield which has very good coverage and I have the capability to pay what my insurance doesn't cover. But yet, rather than them discuss the billing with me it's been over a month since my initial appointment and 2 weeks since they canceled my second appointment and they still have not reached out.

I also saw what they billed my insurance company for my initial visit and it was a bit excessive for what they actually did. All they did was X-rays on my teeth and the hygienist flossed and polished my teeth. For that they billed over $800.

Dr. Choi was also very unpleasant. She kept asking me how I found this dental office and why I decided to see a dentist? That question was a tad alarming for a dentist to ask a new patient. "Why did you decide to see a dentist?" ummm wow! She then was reviewing the x-rays with me and and one point got up and went away somewhere for almost 15 minutes.... I was about to get up and ask what was going on because I was just laying back looking at my x-rays alone for 15 minutes.

Overall I am dissatisfied with this office. I had high expectations based on the reviews here but the overall professionalism just fell way too short. I have waited for weeks for them to call me back to reschedule the appointment they canceled but it's time to move on and get a dentist that knows how to provide proper care for their patients.

Also, parking is not that great here and all these 5 star reviews seem really unreal now that I look at them after my experience.

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